I am Scott Henshaw born in the early 1970's near Seattle, Washington (USA). Since 2010 I have been a self employed entrepreneur and achieved measured success with running a family based business on eBay and other online marketplaces. A simple core belief in the greatness of all people and providing amazing buyer experiences are the focal points of our business model. We thrive in a world where technology paves new paths and I look forward to engaging with you in this awesome new digital landscape. I dig motorcycles, family, traveling and freedom.

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    When it comes down to it family is everything. I am fortunate to have a wonderful one with my wife, Nanette and seven-year-old son, Renato. We live a fantastic life full of personal and professional growth. Opportunity is a constant as is hope, love and freedom of movement. Growing any home-based business can be a difficult journey but one that we have learned can also deliver great joy.

    In addition to our family business we enjoy travel, numerous hobbies and finding balance. We have a nice friendly cat and after a recent visit to Hawaii are considering getting a pot belly pig. Get back to me on that…



    We have grown a unique market by supplying thousands of homes around the world with beautiful flatware. In return we get to meet the most wonderful people and engage in amazing stories, sometimes spanning generations with certain patterns. Even if we do not have your specific item in stock we are glad to keep a list and let you know when we get some in stock

    Got fork? We are always looking for quality inventory so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have something to sell. We are always in the market and can take care of all the shipping needs from a single spoon or fork to an entire pallet.

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    eBay continues year after year to be an unique platform to market products of all different types. Success on eBay is achieved by providing amazing buyer experiences. Selling on eBay is much simpler than in the past and great reward can be achieved by focusing on new technoligies such as Mobile listing and Global Shipping. Simply put, it’s a whole new world and a whole new eBay.

    We will constantly be sharing blog posts and relevant topic to what we have learned both as eBay sellers and active members in the community. If you are in the Puget Sound we also teach for the eBay Education Specialist Program



    Automobiles and motorcycles are one of my life long passions. I can remember my first engine rebuild at age 15 with my father, an experience that propelled me into a future of pistons, bearings and grease.

    We are fortunate today to have some amazing partnerships with automotive engine parts warehouses and can either ship direct from our own stock or a network of warehouses throughout the United States. We carry some cool American-made products such as Hastings piston rings, Clevite bearings and Victor Reinz gasket sets.

Check us out We have some cool hobbies, a great sense of humor and cool items in our stores and on the local Seattle Craigslist. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, eBay, Pinterest and share with us the journey of life.

About this Blog Wearing multiple hats gives us many different topics to talk about on our blog. We obviously really enjoy many activities and we love talking about the eBay community, some of our more interesting items and growing up in a work at home family. We hope that you will find purpose here as that is our main intent with all that we write. Shall I feel the need to post the latest make it or get rich quick scheme or mass list our products, then trust in that I will post something about music or beer instead.


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    Last Wednesday, I went to a motorcycle shop for  ”change oil and tune up”. I don’t have any idea what’s that actually and I feel grateful to know the importance of tuning up when you have a motorcycle. Being there – I was impressed with the warm welcome of the shop owner. We only have one motorcycle shop in town from which most cyclists highly trusted.

    Out of  curiosity, I tried conversing with the owner – he is nice and shared a short story about how his business started. It’s one of a kind as it begins when he fell in love with a woman. The first time he saw her he said “she will be my future wife” however during that time he’s not yet capable of building a family – so the idea became his dream.  He loves motorcycle, work as freelancer and offers vulcanizing services, tuning up, maintenance and the like.  With the idea of having her as his wife someday, the man was inspired to do something for stability. He borrowed a small amount of money from the rural bank and started a motorcycle shop. While running his small business, he’s still keeping an eye on her and day by day he would come to pass by the street in front of the woman’s house, stop there for minutes, and wait for her to look at the window then go. On the other hand, the woman has been keeping an eye on him too and to make the story short – they became lovers.

    They decided to keep their relationship like that and promised to make things stable first before marriage. They helped each other, spend lots of efforts, time and hard work to run the motorcycle shop efficiently. Years later they we’re blessed with good revenue from which they we’re motivated to expand the shop offering not only motorcycle services but also selling spare parts and accessories. That was tough for both of them and sometimes they want to give up but their fighting spirit, trust and love to each other are bigger than anything. Indeed, God is good all the time because the business was successful more than anticipated. Right after that – they finally made vows in front of God and swear to be partners till the end of time. Really, waiting is sweet when it is worth it.

    Currently, the motorcycle shop is famous and highly considered in town. Apart from selling quality motorcycle parts, they are also renowned when it comes to good customer service where every customer is accommodated well.  They’re story is one in a million but truly inspiring – start from love at first sight, to determination of making someone as his wife and starting from scratch by using their skills and talents. I like the way they think, the way they see the future and the way they love each other. When I ask him about what makes the motorcycle shop so special for them – he would answer that “the business represents our one great love”. He finished his story with a meaningful smile on his lips whilst me wiping off my tears. That was epic!


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    I was scammed and a got defect on eBay

    What  a call that I had.  To be honest I have not had a buyer on eBay get under my skin to this effect for years.   A case was opened as Item Not as Described… a marine gasket set for which I have sold several hundred on eBay… 282 in fact.  There is also a similar part that fits later years that I have sold 186.  I am pretty familiar with both sets from working on the engines in my past.  So much so that I have not only inlcuded the manufactures images in the listing, but also my own and a video embedded showing the main difference in the two sets.

    In the case the buyer wrote:

    “There was no manifold to elbow gasket in the set. This is a car set not a Mercruiser set. I had to go to a store and buy the gasket for $7.28. I can email you a receipt for it if you like. ”

    I noticed in the case that there was a telephone number and I called.   I explained to him that based on what I read that he had two main issues and that I appreciate him letting me take care of him.   The first was the fact that this is per the manufacturer is a marine set and that I would be happy to show him the catalog information and because of my relationship with the factory could even get an engineer to give him a call.  I also went more in depth with my knowledge of the VR2000 gasket material and stainless steel core construction….     His response was that he typed that by accident.

    So, I asked him if he would mind showing me in the main photo in the listing which gasket was missing.   He said it was not missing but was the wrong one.   He said what he needed was the one in the other set that I show in the video. I explained to him that the other set is for latter years and more or less it’s own product.   He said that I should make a third set with a mix of the parts as he has a bastardized engine with early cylinder head and late model everything else.  Of course, I explained to him that although I value that that I have no control over what the OEM manufacturer offers.

    In the end I told him that my goal is really simple.  I just want to take care of him and need to know what that will take.  He said that he will split the difference with me at $3.64 (Half of $7.28).  I told him that I will refund $15.   The cost of the gasket he had to purchase and a foot long at Subway on  me.

    It is clear to me that he knew what was up and on a personal level that chaps my hide.   However, on a business level, I feel no hate or anxiety at all,  I have evolved past that.   I do not refer to him as a scammer, a crook and in fact I suspect that he just had a bad day working on the boat and was cranky when he opened the case.  I will not block him as I hope that he buys again.  He worked on one boat and may work on another soon so I want him to come back again.  That does not mean that he will give me the shaft, (No nautical pun intended) and perhaps he may become a great long-term customer.

    Yes this cost me $15 but I still make money on the sale.   I have a defect but defects are not torpedo’s that can sink my ship on their own.  Some are friendly fire and certainly not fair, like this one.  However, it would take a significant amount of strikes to put me beneath the waves and cause me to lose TRS.  I continue to focus on providing great customer service even for buyers like this that test my resolve.   In the end I have faith in the measurements put in place that will keep me at TRS…  More importantly, I know that buyers will keep coming back to our store.   As Jed eats his sandwhich, I hope that he may smile just a bit not because he got a free gasket and a snack but to know that someone out there in life’s journey does care about him.


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    Most people have many reasons why they need to purchase motorcycles. It might be for the convenience in transportation, to avoid heavy traffic, others just love to buy one for fun and maybe to reach the place faster.  When I went home, my brother (still studying in high school) asking me to buy him one motorcycle because each of his friend has one.  To grant his wish, we decided to inquire to different motorcycle merchandisers in town.

    What to find out?

    Motorcycle merchandisers have their small outlets selling motorcycles from different brands.  For branded motorcycles like the Honda and even local motorcycles like the Russi, skygo, etc, they have their retail outlets mostly owned (franchise) by Chinese people. What pained my heart is that, these outlets won’t allow buyers to purchase their motorcycles in cash. The price was based on installment and whether you pay the whole amount or no, there is interest charged on it. When it comes to buying motorcycles in town, reason is simply, people have no choice and since they need motorcycles to save from their daily fair in transportation before coming to work or personal appointments they don’t mind the price but avail instead.

    Motorcycles in Installment

    What shock me most, is that, I tried to sum all up the price of one motorcycle, let say from Honda, that’s only $1000 or $1500 in cash but in installment most likely would become $2000 to $2500. First you need to pay the down payment usually ranges from $100 to $150 and the remaining amount will be paid in the monthly basis (36 months).  Paying the monthly amount late, buyers will be charged $50 to $10 as interest.  That  feels depressing really and I can say it’s over pricing. The actual price of one motorcycle regardless of the model and the brand is doubled in installment basis. Paying in advance  like a week or a day before the due date, buyers can avail a rebate from the actual price of the monthly payment. They offer $10 or $15 rebate to those who pay on time – somehow a good benefit to buyers.


    Maybe for business owners that’s win-win. They have to ship hundreds of motorcycles from miles away and obviously that’s also costly on their part. Since the town was located in the most remote part of the province, it would be hard, tiring, time consuming and also expensive for people to visit the city to purchase one . Also, not all buyers can afford to buy in cash, so installment is their only chance to avail one motorcycle for their needs and wants.  The thing is, we really have different lifestyles and the economy in place is not that good for both the consumers and business owners.


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    Sometimes we used to buy things that caught our attention the most. Gadgets, furniture, clothes, jewelries, appliances, vehicles, fashion accessories and many more. One thing I’ve learned when buying, first ensure the quality, durability and the brand. Reason is  – when time comes that I want to replace it with the new one and never bother collecting it I can sell it again to other people. There is no waste in your old stuffs as long as it is still marketable. Either you want to sell directly to your friends or on eBay both are great options. These days garage selling seemed to be very trendy in place – just I observed.

    If you want to venture your first online store – eBay is reliable. Old furniture and other things existed way back decades ago could catch buyers’ attention if you try posting it on eBay. Cameras, stereo, spare sparks down to your old pianos can be sold through auction and bidding.  eBay is a  famous platform of all your inquiries regardless if you’re a buyer or a seller. eBay is considered to be the best site for shopping online and surely lots of people are picking and bidding for different items they would like to buy every day – your market is huge. Online sellers usually use their creativity in selling and a few guts to sell easily – maybe just a matter of good strategies. eBay is an arena of opportunities if only the person knows how to catch them.

    For beginners eBay is very easy to start with. The site has the complete tools and tutorials for you to watch and read to help you along the way. It takes lots of effort, patience and lots of work to do to run a store online. In this type of business, you don’t need to pressure yourself selling the “Brand news” – you can always start from things you have in your garage. Aside from that you can find lots of marketing strategies for your eBay store online, since you are using the web, you can research for ideas from different sites to learn from. Some eBay marketers started from scratch for sure, but as time goes by, while investing their time and efforts they have made it to their dreams.

    Moreover not only things can be sold in eBay but the fruit of your talents. Some sellers and online store owners would like to customize their stores into something catchy and trendy. They need designs, such as logos, billboards, etc. to make an impact to their stores. If you have the talents and skills to create such things, you can sell your works in eBay too. Surely, there will be lots of opportunities to come and all you have to do is create the best designs, just spend lots of time and efforts – No big capital needed. Isn’t it amazing? Who knows eBay is the way to your dreams.


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    It’s been a while that I posted my last article. Things become busier when summer comes. Right now, I’m so eager to share what I have been through the past two weeks. Literally not all about me but this will be about the story of great friendship.

    Everyone has their own blast from the past and others love to soak their thoughts on different throwbacks where great things in their lives happened.  Just so happy that my childhood bestfriend from which I could only gaze from those old photos was back in town for good. Setting aside my online job for two weeks is no easy for me but sometimes there are things in this world which are worth time spending. When someone so special had returned and make you do the same things over and over again like those on throwback photos from which you both used to laugh with when scanning the albums – you’ll definitely realize the many things you both missed. A best friend is someone that could means a lot to you, a kind of person that only came to your life once in a blue-moon.

    When we’re kids we don’t have hundreds of captured photos to share on our different social media accounts for throwback Thursdays or throwback Fridays posts maybe – so to make the summer remarkable we joyfully did all the things we used to do before as grown up people. Awkward but seriously that was a total fun. We started from selling Indian mangoes on neighborhoods – only now what we tryna’ sell are local motorcycles (my friend is a dealer of one of the motorcycle companies in the city), catching grasshoppers and dragonflies on the vast rice fields, joy-riding from roads to roads as if there is no end stop, Dining in to our favorite restaurant in town bringing with us our packed food to annoy the waiters, cooking our favorite delicacies, attending the “Flores de Mayo” a daily prayer of kids where they need to bring flowers to the altar for the Virgin Mary (it’s a catholic thing), camping up to swimming to beaches, falls and even in the most secluded springs. We’re both lucky that our hometown was like paradise with breath-taking beauty of nature to enjoy – so we really had enough.

    Though we’re trying to make a perfect summer based from the old photos we have that we usually post for throwbacks on Facebook– life is really unexpected. Inevitable things come along the way challenging how strong you are and how firm you could stand amidst of storm. What’s amazing is that a best-friend will always be a best-friend no matter how tough you are going through. She is not only a friend in all the fun and exciting activities but also a great pal when trouble comes. A friend who will stand in your side even we’re against all odds, a friend who will cry with you during sad moments in life, a friend that would accompany you in your sleepless nights and a friend that would open the door of their house when the worlds are trying to shut you down. Having such friend is really a gift from heaven from which I am grateful. Her presence and words are uplifting and as a person who is not emotionally okay – I can feel like I’m not physically alone and someone was there to lean on. Our friendship is like the captured smiles we have on those throwback photos – it never change and remain constant. I may not have everything but I’m rich, someday I can perhaps have lots of money.


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    What comes in my mind now are the happenings three days ago. As I went home for the festival, I certainly did had a great time spending and enjoying the activities. It’s really another good memories to cherish. However behind every happiness there comes sadness and unfortunately we have this situation from which we really need nothing but faith in God and maybe lots of motivation to survive.

    Every one has their own personal journey to take and mine just a bit heavy and kind of heart breaking. Now I feel awkward to what I’m writing here but I do hope that this can somehow give lessons to readers.

    Let me start from asking what will you do when a person  close to your heart will hurt you badly? Probably you don’t want to talk to that person, don’t want to keep in touch and or maybe hate the person till the end of time. We have different stories in our personal journey and some got dramatic, some are great and  some are tragic. When you were hurt you might find it hard to forgive someone not until you lost him. I was too consumed with hatred but when I found out that the person was convicted to a very terrible and hopeless situation and nobody was there with him, I felt guilty for leaving his side.  He was caught with drugs on his pocket and only half the chance of setting himself free from the case. In my personal journey I easily complaint over small things like when the sun is burning my skin, when the food doesn’t taste good, when I screwed my job schedules, or when people are asking too much.  I realized that other people have bigger burdens in their personal journeys and just too hard to imagine how can they exactly survive such situations. We are all lucky but just that sometimes some of us have never seen it yet.

    His story is something like – there are things in life that he loves to do because he feels it’s right. Well, most bad things give extra thrill and the coolest experience. However at the end when it’s about time to pay those consequences he did nothing but to regret. Regret sometimes stays forever especially if you don’t know how to deal with it and for me it’s creepy. If only he’d stayed careful while living his personal journey in all the time  - that might change some situations he had. He always wanted to be different and sometimes he loves to do scene to create a different story. He was caught up to situation that had break him into pieces and the sad part is that he had no one to blame but himself.We people hate the fact that there is no turning back when mistakes were done but still we do so.  Indeed we find it hard to learn our lessons especially when the test had never come yet. Now, it’s too tiring to reprimand him or tell him long words about what he had done. The thing is he badly needed people to be on his side and maybe make him feel that he is not alone. So we are there walking with him in his personal journey.

    We are tying to survive such situations and yes we only got motivations within our hearts. Somehow, here it’s not a fight of one person but a family. No matter how worst things may gone – family will always be a family – and they’re the only people who could support and uplift you up during the bad times.  In this kind of challenge in our personal journey, depending on our own strength and understanding are just too weak. Which is why I thank God for being there and really lifting it all up to Him is worth it. He give us calmness in our minds and confronted us to stand firm and know that He is our God and that He is in control. He is the hope, the strength, the courage, and the light we have in our personal journeys in life.


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    We always set standards and requirements before hiring applicants to fit in the job we have for them. The thing is we don’t want to waste our money in paying them but giving us unsatisfying job result or output. For a change, I’m saying this time about few tips in choosing the right candidate to fit in the certain job.

    Applications letters from different applicants who happened to be very interested with our job postings are always impressive and from simply reading those letters we find them very suitable. But the question will always be like this – Do words from those application  letters guarantee that one of those applicants is the right fit? Obviously the answer is no, because you haven’t started working with the person yet. You might doubt at first about his or her skills and what she/he can exactly do with you.  Here now I would like to share some common ideas I’ve gathered from different blog pages in the web about hiring applicants without wasting much your time knowing if he or she is the right fit.


    Responding your interview invitation promptly

    Usually we consider our budget before hiring applicants, we don’t want the veteran applicants because they surely have expensive rates. Looking for the the intermediate one with a mix of experience and expertise, we have to see to it how interested the applicants are in our job by the way they respond on your interview invitation. The prompt ones are surely interested to the job and the one that took days to say yes might take your job for granted. Even so he or she is good with that kind of attitude still it will be useless.

    Listening and Giving attention to details

    During interview process, we love to ask questions related to the job to know if he or she has the idea about the project. Most applicants are too excited and they don’t listen and give attention to details. The most important thing that the right person must posses to fit in the job is his or her ability in listening and giving attention to details. Listening and giving full attention to details are the keys to do the job exactly and accordingly.

    Work Samples for Skills discretion

    To assure that the applicant is the right one, asking for work sample is a good idea. This way you can have an overview how the person works or you can take a glimpse about his/her work output.

    If the applicant is attentive and pleasing you

    For me, clients deserve to be pleased by their applicants. It is inevitable that some applicants only cares about the job to get but never care about pleasing their employers. Complaisance with their skills and abilities that they are the right fit – they exactly missed the point. It’s not only the job that matters but the relationship you are gonna build first with your employer. Hiring applicant is easy but finding the person that value working relationship is tough.
    There are other tips aside from these and you can use them all depending on what you think is the best for you. We have different opinions when it comes to hiring applicants –  some are too busy and don’t have much time for longer interview processes and others are meticulous and prefer a thorough screening before hiring applicant – either way I hope these four tips can somehow help.



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    Creativity and efficiency; both of them are equally important to do something great. Our team believes that only skill and creativity cannot make people happy; devotion and cordiality should also get equal importance to get success in any project. Keeping all those things in mind, our billboard logo creator team is working and giving their best effort to reach the expectation of the eBay sellers.  We have really a number of interesting experiences that are unforgettable! Laura Pennix, the owner of Pickys-eWarehouse was one of them.

    At the very beginning of each and every project, we ask some question so that it becomes easy to recognize the liking, disliking and requirements for the work. Keeping all the details in mind, our billboard logo creator team starts making concepts. The concept is generally a rough idea. It shows you the plan of the billboard and you have full freedom to add or deduct things, change color or bring variation in the design.

    Similarly, we provided a concept to Laura. She saw that and was happy. But, we understood that she did not get the “WOW” feeling after seeing the first concept. Our billboard logo creator team was not satisfied at Laura’s reaction. We always want to reach the expectation of our clients. We want them to be 100% satisfied with our work. So, we again started to communicate Laura and tried to point out our lacking.

    We didn’t even expect that Laura would be so helpful to us. She was pretty much clear about the plan of her billboard. We were surprised to see that she sent us a sketch that helped us understanding her expectation. Even she sent us the vintage toy background picture. Our billboard logo creator team found the way of making her billboard quite smooth and comfortable. We provided seven billboard concepts to Laura so that she could choose among a number of options. That time she was really happy. Her expression proved that our team could successfully reach her expectation.

    Yes, it’s true that we take a bit long time to create a log and billboard. But if you let us create your logo and billboard, it will be clear to you why each and every project takes that long. We believe in quality, not quantity. We want to make your ebay store ever memorable by providing logo and billboard of your taste.

    In order to understand your taste, we need to communicate you and pass time. We believe, more we communicate, closer we reach your expectation. Laura has helped us a lot and she has been rewarded. If you help us in creating your logo and billboard, we assure to deliver a superior quality work. Our billboard logo creator team is really happy to get the opportunity of serving you.



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    Every year in the month of April people in our town usually celebrate the most exciting festival known as the Pagbana-ag Festival or the Rising Festival.  Just this morning we Hinoban-ons (the term used referring to the residents of our town) gather in the beach to light thousands of air lanterns to welcome the opening of the most awaited festival of the entire year. I have my friend from Bacolod with me and I won’t be writing about the our festival, I’m going to tell about the customer service experience we had today. To continue – There are booths (these are native houses filled with native products to sell from different Barangays) in the beach that opens their doors to give us free unlimited coffee and Hot Pandesal as breakfast treats.  One of the most attracted booths had blown me away not because of the coffee (I’m a coffee-addict) but because of the lovely lady treating us well and giving us a very impressive customer service.

    The thing is I am very particular with the customer service rather than food or drink. Really, it is different to dine to places from which you are welcomed and treated like a real guest not just a customer to eat and pay the food you order.  She’s very accommodating to every person coming in and out to the booth and she never gets tired of saying “Welcome to our house”. Right after welcoming she would serve coffee and Hot Pandesal to every table and giving everyone her sweetest and warmest smile ever. Her warm customer service swiped off the cold temperature and it’s like the mists of the dawn were gone and we can see sunshine in the twilight.

    Not only her giving the amazing customer service but also the other ladies on different booths as we wander around. We drop by to every house to know what kind of native products they store and sell. There are refine and modest ladies serving rice cakes and some famous native delicacies to their guests. They have this very cute Hawaiian outfit, flowers in their hairs and necklaces made from small seashells. Seriously, I’m wondering if they don’t feel cold at all – while my friend and I are wearing jackets, pants and socks. They’re very consistent  in their accommodation, either be an old man, a fat man, a skinny man, single or married man – not to mention their angelic faces, they’re perfectly giving them the right customer service that would surely melt your heart. To think its only smiling, welcoming, serving and waving their hands but know what we really appreciate it much. It feels like we are welcomed warmly like we never been before.

    My friend was impressed and she even told me that, it’s really different to be accommodated well when dining – I feel her though. There are lots of experiences I have about bad customer service and I really took details to those where I’m impressed. I consider it memorable. I think there will be lots of things to happen in this festive week in town. I would surely visit the booths from time to time for my coffee buzz and maybe to enjoy more the customer service the lovely ladies are giving to their guests.




    An eBay store is not only an income source, but also a dream-come-true to the owner. Each and every detail of your store carries the identity of your taste. It is not unknown that the logo billboard of a particular store speaks of the type of the store as well as the choice of the owner. This is one of the reasons the eBay sellers are extra-ordinarily passionate about the appearance of their stores.

    Logo and billboard; these two have become the most vital part of eBay stores. It is almost like the Facebook cover (Billboard) and profile picture (Logo). There is no doubt about the fact that, these elements carry the identity of your store. When a buyer opens your eBay store’s page, the first thing catches their attraction is the logo billboard. So, all the eBay sellers wants their billboard and logo attractive, expressive and exclusive.

    The owner of Ocean Beach Treasures is not an exception to that. She is Marcia Glenn! She has beautifully explained the reason of choosing this particular store name. She lives at the beach or ocean. And she thinks that the products she sells are like treasures of the ocean.

    Her first approach for logo billboard was full of dream and passion. Scott and I felt the awesome imaginary painting work she has kept in her mind. She wanted her banner to be comical as she and her family is not that serious types of folks. She also suggested the famous picture of two pirates carrying treasures.

    That doesn’t mean, she hasn’t given us freedom to show our creativity. Apart from this “comical” suggestion, she allowed us to design the rest of the banner according to our taste and choice. But, in case of her logo billboard, she added that they do not like hawaii-ish and tropical-ish theme. She doesn’t like wild pirate ship things. She loves the beauty of mermaids and sand castles of the ground.

    Most importantly, she relied on Scott in designing her logo billboard. She knew that Scott would make something special that best expressed her style. I know, you are eagerly waiting for the result and process of making it, right?

    Actually, making logo billboard is a kind of creative partnership. More you can read the client’s mind, better you can serve him/her. This is why; we try to establish a friendly relationship with our clients so that we can understand their psychology. When Marcia got her work done, her joy was worth enjoying. I cannot but talk about her participation in this project. She was always co-operative. She never got annoyed when we knocked her again and again. Rather, after the final submission, she added an image that she thought would suit. We happily appreciate that!

    We try our level best to reach your expectation. We create number of concepts and change them again and again. Even, before sending a concept to you, we re-make that at least 4-5 times. Then we eagerly wait for your opinion and try to understand the lackings. According to your idea and plan, we try to create the final work. We fix even the slightest part you don’t like. All these hard works of us get completeness when you smile and say “Wow!” after seeing the logo billboard.

    We are certain that the logo billboard created by us will attract the buyers to your store. Because, through this we can visualize your dream, make people know your aim and identify your choice. We are really delighted to be a part of your journey. We can walk with you to reach your goal holding your hands. We are always with you. Marcia’s smiling face and joy is our achievement. You know what our dream is? Our dream is to make all of the eBay seller’s life colorful and happy. Keep smiling, always!

Please, write your name. Please, insert your e-mail address. Please, leave a message.