I am Scott Henshaw born in the early 1970's near Seattle, Washington (USA). Since 2010 I have been a self employed entrepreneur and achieved measured success with running a family based business on eBay and other online marketplaces. A simple core belief in the greatness of all people and providing amazing buyer experiences are the focal points of our business model. We thrive in a world where technology paves new paths and I look forward to engaging with you in this awesome new digital landscape. I dig motorcycles, family, traveling and freedom.

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    When it comes down to it family is everything. I am fortunate to have a wonderful one with my wife, Nanette and seven-year-old son, Renato. We live a fantastic life full of personal and professional growth. Opportunity is a constant as is hope, love and freedom of movement. Growing any home-based business can be a difficult journey but one that we have learned can also deliver great joy.

    In addition to our family business we enjoy travel, numerous hobbies and finding balance. We have a nice friendly cat and after a recent visit to Hawaii are considering getting a pot belly pig. Get back to me on that…



    We have grown a unique market by supplying thousands of homes around the world with beautiful flatware. In return we get to meet the most wonderful people and engage in amazing stories, sometimes spanning generations with certain patterns. Even if we do not have your specific item in stock we are glad to keep a list and let you know when we get some in stock

    Got fork? We are always looking for quality inventory so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have something to sell. We are always in the market and can take care of all the shipping needs from a single spoon or fork to an entire pallet.

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    eBay continues year after year to be an unique platform to market products of all different types. Success on eBay is achieved by providing amazing buyer experiences. Selling on eBay is much simpler than in the past and great reward can be achieved by focusing on new technoligies such as Mobile listing and Global Shipping. Simply put, it’s a whole new world and a whole new eBay.

    We will constantly be sharing blog posts and relevant topic to what we have learned both as eBay sellers and active members in the community. If you are in the Puget Sound we also teach for the eBay Education Specialist Program



    Automobiles and motorcycles are one of my life long passions. I can remember my first engine rebuild at age 15 with my father, an experience that propelled me into a future of pistons, bearings and grease.

    We are fortunate today to have some amazing partnerships with automotive engine parts warehouses and can either ship direct from our own stock or a network of warehouses throughout the United States. We carry some cool American-made products such as Hastings piston rings, Clevite bearings and Victor Reinz gasket sets.

Check us out We have some cool hobbies, a great sense of humor and cool items in our stores and on the local Seattle Craigslist. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, eBay, Pinterest and share with us the journey of life.

About this Blog Wearing multiple hats gives us many different topics to talk about on our blog. We obviously really enjoy many activities and we love talking about the eBay community, some of our more interesting items and growing up in a work at home family. We hope that you will find purpose here as that is our main intent with all that we write. Shall I feel the need to post the latest make it or get rich quick scheme or mass list our products, then trust in that I will post something about music or beer instead.


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    Every year in the month of April people in our town usually celebrate the most exciting festival known as the Pagbana-ag Festival or the Rising Festival.  Just this morning we Hinoban-ons (the term used referring to the residents of our town) gather in the beach to light thousands of air lanterns to welcome the opening of the most awaited festival of the entire year. I have my friend from Bacolod with me and I won’t be writing about the our festival, I’m going to tell about the customer service experience we had today. To continue – There are booths (these are native houses filled with native products to sell from different Barangays) in the beach that opens their doors to give us free unlimited coffee and Hot Pandesal as breakfast treats.  One of the most attracted booths had blown me away not because of the coffee (I’m a coffee-addict) but because of the lovely lady treating us well and giving us a very impressive customer service.

    The thing is I am very particular with the customer service rather than food or drink. Really, it is different to dine to places from which you are welcomed and treated like a real guest not just a customer to eat and pay the food you order.  She’s very accommodating to every person coming in and out to the booth and she never gets tired of saying “Welcome to our house”. Right after welcoming she would serve coffee and Hot Pandesal to every table and giving everyone her sweetest and warmest smile ever. Her warm customer service swiped off the cold temperature and it’s like the mists of the dawn were gone and we can see sunshine in the twilight.

    Not only her giving the amazing customer service but also the other ladies on different booths as we wander around. We drop by to every house to know what kind of native products they store and sell. There are refine and modest ladies serving rice cakes and some famous native delicacies to their guests. They have this very cute Hawaiian outfit, flowers in their hairs and necklaces made from small seashells. Seriously, I’m wondering if they don’t feel cold at all – while my friend and I are wearing jackets, pants and socks. They’re very consistent  in their accommodation, either be an old man, a fat man, a skinny man, single or married man – not to mention their angelic faces, they’re perfectly giving them the right customer service that would surely melt your heart. To think its only smiling, welcoming, serving and waving their hands but know what we really appreciate it much. It feels like we are welcomed warmly like we never been before.

    My friend was impressed and she even told me that, it’s really different to be accommodated well when dining – I feel her though. There are lots of experiences I have about bad customer service and I really took details to those where I’m impressed. I consider it memorable. I think there will be lots of things to happen in this festive week in town. I would surely visit the booths from time to time for my coffee buzz and maybe to enjoy more the customer service the lovely ladies are giving to their guests.



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    An eBay store is not only an income source, but also a dream-come-true to the owner. Each and every detail of your store carries the identity of your taste. It is not unknown that the logo billboard of a particular store speaks of the type of the store as well as the choice of the owner. This is one of the reasons the eBay sellers are extra-ordinarily passionate about the appearance of their stores.

    Logo and billboard; these two have become the most vital part of eBay stores. It is almost like the Facebook cover (Billboard) and profile picture (Logo). There is no doubt about the fact that, these elements carry the identity of your store. When a buyer opens your eBay store’s page, the first thing catches their attraction is the logo billboard. So, all the eBay sellers wants their billboard and logo attractive, expressive and exclusive.

    The owner of Ocean Beach Treasures is not an exception to that. She is Marcia Glenn! She has beautifully explained the reason of choosing this particular store name. She lives at the beach or ocean. And she thinks that the products she sells are like treasures of the ocean.

    Her first approach for logo billboard was full of dream and passion. Scott and I felt the awesome imaginary painting work she has kept in her mind. She wanted her banner to be comical as she and her family is not that serious types of folks. She also suggested the famous picture of two pirates carrying treasures.

    That doesn’t mean, she hasn’t given us freedom to show our creativity. Apart from this “comical” suggestion, she allowed us to design the rest of the banner according to our taste and choice. But, in case of her logo billboard, she added that they do not like hawaii-ish and tropical-ish theme. She doesn’t like wild pirate ship things. She loves the beauty of mermaids and sand castles of the ground.

    Most importantly, she relied on Scott in designing her logo billboard. She knew that Scott would make something special that best expressed her style. I know, you are eagerly waiting for the result and process of making it, right?

    Actually, making logo billboard is a kind of creative partnership. More you can read the client’s mind, better you can serve him/her. This is why; we try to establish a friendly relationship with our clients so that we can understand their psychology. When Marcia got her work done, her joy was worth enjoying. I cannot but talk about her participation in this project. She was always co-operative. She never got annoyed when we knocked her again and again. Rather, after the final submission, she added an image that she thought would suit. We happily appreciate that!

    We try our level best to reach your expectation. We create number of concepts and change them again and again. Even, before sending a concept to you, we re-make that at least 4-5 times. Then we eagerly wait for your opinion and try to understand the lackings. According to your idea and plan, we try to create the final work. We fix even the slightest part you don’t like. All these hard works of us get completeness when you smile and say “Wow!” after seeing the logo billboard.

    We are certain that the logo billboard created by us will attract the buyers to your store. Because, through this we can visualize your dream, make people know your aim and identify your choice. We are really delighted to be a part of your journey. We can walk with you to reach your goal holding your hands. We are always with you. Marcia’s smiling face and joy is our achievement. You know what our dream is? Our dream is to make all of the eBay seller’s life colorful and happy. Keep smiling, always!


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    Each one of us has their own passion and interest, but this time I would like to share about my favorite hobby since childhood. Have you ever thought of something that can mean so much happiness for you? Mine is simple and it’s gardening. For me seeing the green leaves of different plants and beautiful flowers and buds bloom in different colors are the kind of wonders my eyes can appreciate the most.

    Seeing those gardens in our neighbors’ yards constructed creatively and inspired with different concept and styles are really adorable. It makes me droll from admiring and if only stealing their yards is possible I might attempt to (just a joke). I used to collect ornamental plants, cactus, orchids, flowers and bonsai when I was in grade school and used to arrange it all to my little garden. I have this thing called the “green thumb” so every time I plant I am 90% sure that the plant will live and grow bigger.  Unfortunately, my little garden was damaged when we reconstructed our house – Yes I was depressed that time and even decided not to plant anymore.  Then as time goes by I realized that I’m longing for a garden to customize and make it my little paradise.

    While I got the chance to spend a long summer vacation in my hometown, I would really like to create the garden of my dreams. A small garden in our front yard with trees, ornamentals and flowers landscaped and arranged artistically would be great. To describe, I’ll divide the area into two from which on the right side, there will be a sun deck made of bamboo with a small table beside for relaxation and working place during daytime. Making the ambiance more relaxing, I would surround it with ornamental plants of different species and flowers like daisies and roses. Whilst on the left side, there will be an improvised bath tub for a hot midnight baths when I want to take a break from work.  To make it cozy, a native-style gazebo with screen roofing and ginseng vines above it will be a perfect addition to the place. Also in the corner it will be nice to build a fountain with a small pond of water lilies and fishes. Then I’ll curve a little way filled with pebble stones to massage my feet when walking inside my garden. And to enhance the authentic beauty at night, I’ll install yellow Christmas lights in rain-style to branches and trunks of trees, to vines in the native gazebo and to selected ornamental plants.  Lastly, I would also reserve a place with grasses on it for picnic or star gazing at night with my best friend. In short, this garden of mine will be like those places in fairytales that come true (No joke – it’s possible).

    Really excited to make this happen and maybe I could use eBay for gardening tools and garden accessories. Having such garden in our yard would surely become my favorite place to spend most of my time. Even from just imagining and thinking the styles and layout I want for my garden– already feels great.


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    You won’t surely know the value of money if you have enough. The kind words said by a very close friend who have taught me many things in life.  I always hear these line from her when she’s trying to advice me to value anything either big or small.  A person close to my heart who told me that dreams really do come true if you are not the dreamer but the person with big dreams and that the importance of motivation in every day of your life.

    Same like the others, she grew up from a big family (many siblings) whose parents don’t give much time to the household and they were always left behind. At a very young age she had learned how to take good care of herself or else she won’t survive. It was really difficult for her to think of things like “how to enroll in schools, where to get school uniforms and where to get the basic things needed for her education” at the age of 12. Dreaming to become a certified accountant someday, she decided to stay to one of their closest relatives, to send her to school and support her needs. Staying there requires her to work as maid in the household for daily allowances, food and payment to tuition fees.  She worked every penny she receives each day and you know what? Such situation never made her stops but give her more motivation that one day – she can be at the place where she wanted to be.

    At school, she’s the kind of student without friends and always alone.  Challenges are always coming on her way, testing her and trying to shake her until she give up – but she stand still and always fighting. The two things she’s very proud of are those she has her strong faith in God (she always tell that God loves her very much and won’t leave her side) and she’s one of the smartest students in class (Rank 2). Every time she would recall the unforgettable experiences she have been through like crossing a flooded river just to reach school to study, wrapping her lunch in banana leaf (served as her Tupperware), cleaning the entire house whole night for her relatives to pay her tuition fee per term and what awaits her in the morning are exams (no time for studying), climbing up the tree to eat to avoid being bullied by her classmates and trying to solicit for food from neighborhood -  she would cry and say “It’s freaking sad and hard to imagine, but I did it all”. She always smiles inspite of  all the things she’s facing to and really it makes me wonder where this woman got her motivation everyday to carry on and keep on achieving things that could make a change in her life one day.

    I like the way she sees things in the world and then, time passed by like the water in the stream move so fast and in haste – she finished her education with a degree under her belt. What she had been through to achieve such level of education was epic, though some moments were heart breaking but those had served as great inspiration and motivation to many students from which she had shared her story. I wasn’t there on the times after she graduated and do the job hunting, what I knew is that now she had traveled most of the countries round the world and currently owned a resort and large acres of land in the place where she was born. Every time she would stand on the ground where she watered her sweat once, she would curve a smile on her lips and look up to the sky and cry. She helps those people who are in her same shoes before and she would say “I know the feeling of having nothing but faith and motivation”.


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    If you can see the beaches with white sand and crystal clear water, mountains with lots of tall and big trees, dried rivers, vast rice and corn fields, a very boring market from which you can see hundreds of motorcycles and tricycles parking in every corner and sideways of the street, and a small number of people going back and forth – then you must be in the last part of Negros Occidental (One of the province in the Philippines). Living or spending time in a kind of place for quite two to three months or longer, you will surely learn the real definition of “boredom”.  Not to some people out there who’ve discovered their own way to enjoy and somehow love the place regardless it’s too remote from the cities. They have found their enjoyment and thrilling adventures from motorcycles by doing “joy-ride”.

    Motorcycles: The Most typical reasons of purchasing

    Might it be you’ve purchased one of the motorcycle models such as xrm125, aura, scooter, XR125, CRL125, and the like to transport you from one place to another you’ll surely appreciate its purpose like you never did before.  I have my own testimony how useful motorcycles to avoid the feeling of boredom when staying home. Calling my boys and girls in town, we usually do motorcycle “joy-ride”  – it’s like wandering from one Barrio to another, riding kilometers to enjoy the freshness of the air the and the views of nature and visiting houses of old friends.

    There motorcycles are very ideal and the trendiest vehicle to teens, young professionals, non-professionals and people raising a family.  Motorcycles are affordable and you can enjoy riding places to places by consuming only 1 liter of gasoline a day. Moreover, either my fellows are working a job with low or average income; motorcycle companies like the Honda, Russi, Kawasaki & Kymco (available motorcycle manufacturers in town) give them the chance to avail one unit by installment.  All they need to do is pay short amount of money ranging from P2500-P5000 pesos ($60-$120) as the down payment and continue the payment every month with a given time duration (usually 2-3 years).

    Motorcycles: The vehicle for making a living

    Motorcycles do not only provide convenience in transportation and “joy-ride” but also called the vehicle for a living in town.  After buying, some people would convert it into a tricycle by buying a welded side gear with seats for passengers. Then they would do round trips with certain routes depending on which Barrio they are in. Basing it on the distances it travels, tricycle drivers would charge every regular passenger an amount of P10 pesos ($11) per ride and presumably they have P300-P500 ($8-$11) pesos income every day. Sounds tough but life there is really different and hard to imagine – people in town take motorcycles as another means of opportunities to sustain their basic needs.  So amazing and so surprising!

    I am grateful to geniuses who have invented motorcycles and cars. I cannot imagine making our feet as our means of transportation by walking or running kilometers to kilometers and miles to miles distances.  To others  motorcycle is use for fun and leisure but in some parts and some people this vehicle means a lot for them to survive.


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    I know everybody has their fair share of ups and downs in life and maybe some people have the most dramatic stories to tell.  I feel like I need to write this though it’s really hard to express in words.  The past weeks I’m in a situation where I can say – I am lost, depressed, and emotionally sick.  Trying to live as if nothing happens and pretending to look fine and okay in front of friends is really a tough job. My life was shaken and unfortunately I haven’t built a strong foundation since the time I was able do my personal journey. I was wrecked.

    Not my intention to put every detail here just few things. I am very dependent to worldly things and for me it matters the most. Feeling so down – I seek places, things and people to lean on because I thought they can help me feel better. But I was wrong, there is one thing that covers everything – and that is God. I’m too consumed with the reality and I knew nothing about the truth. I’m too complaisance with myself and I never realized how foolish I am.  All I did was to sin but God laid His hands on me, carry me when the burdens get too heavy, lift me up when I was in the deepest part of the world and provided me blessings a hundred folds. Recalling my personal journey in this world – it was very sinful. But with God, everything was changed like a miracle. I don’t deserve it all but with His love and grace – I was blessed. I came back to God not because I’m broke but I came back because I feel like He is all I need in my life.

    I feel like I was held from an incurable sickness and I was loved. He showed me some beautiful reasons to live. Having a personal journey with Him can certainly make you a different person. I learned many things from His words and from what He had done for everybody.


    One night I talked to Him and asked Him, what love is all about  then He whispers into my ears saying “Love is giving your all to others, might be your neighbor, your brother, sister, mother, father, classmate and friend. Love is putting others first before you without asking anything in return. Love conquers all even you hated a person so much, even you feel like there is no room for hope and forgiveness, even in the middle of injustice and sometimes love makes you sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.”


    Giving is the most painful thing to do. And one famous writer named Joyce Meyer once said “It is not giving till it hurts”.  As we go with our personal journeys in life we have our own opinions when it comes to giving. Sometimes we have reasons like “I don’t want to give that person because he or she might depend on me till the rest of his life” “it’s not my fault why they are poor” and “I worked hard and they don’t, so why should I give?” We feel like it’s unfair because we people always wanted to get even. But it’s not about giving because we are obligated to but we must give because God has been so good to us.  He showered us blessings and great things in life. At the end of the day, it’s not about you, the people around and the world you lived in, it is all about God.


    In my entire personal journey in this world, this is the hardest experience I had. Forgiving people I hated the most is not easy. But God said “love your enemy” and since He is my Lord I will do what He said. I thought that was impossible and no way to work out but trusting Him and obeying His words, things happen wonderfully.  I too was very sinful but He always forgives me and even loves me unconditionally. I only need to lift up everything to Him and never to depend on my own understanding.

    If I have to think all that, I feel so light and I feel like floating – there is peace, calmness and stability in my life from which I can confidently say everything will be alright no matter how many storms will come on my way. God is my light, my way and my life and no matter what kind of personal journey you had in this world — believe me He is too, everything you need.


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    ©Ranan Rahim

    My friend Scott Henshaw cannot think of a moment without coffee. “Let me grab some coffee first”- I do not get the Scottish flavor while talking without this signature dialogue of Scott. So, why does Scott “grab” that much coffee all the day? Is it harmful or okay? Do you know that there are a number of benefits of coffee?  Okay, let’s grab some coffee and discuss about it!

    Get coffee and glow young!

    Most of the Americans are excited about coffee because of its antioxidants. If you take 3-4 cups of coffee a day, you will get sufficient antioxidants. So, coffee plays a vital role in keeping you young and green. Get the benefits of coffee and stay young and stunning.

    Do you want to live long?

    You will be glad to know that coffee has the ability to let you see this beautiful earth for comparatively longer time. Yes, we all have to die one day. And I am not saying that coffee can make us immortal. Actually, having 3 or more cups of coffee everyday protects you from serious liver and heart diseases. It also reduces the possibility of diabetes. We all know that, liver and heart diseases are mostly treated as the main culprit of the death of a lot of people every year. Coffee will not work like a medicine, but it minimizes the fear of serious diseases. So, benefits of coffee also include protection from different kinds of severe diseases.

    No doubt that coffee makes you energetic!

    If each and every morning starts with a mug of coffee, then you can be sure that it’s a really energetic start. Coffee removes your fatigue and helps you in starting a new day with more enthusiasm. People who have plenty of works and very often remain busy, coffee worked like a tonic for them. One mug of coffee gives them a new life. So, no more work fear! Grab your coffee first, take the benefits of coffee and work all day night randomly.

    Coffee removes your gloominess  

    What are you thinking? No, I am not kidding. The National University of Health shows a study where they have found that coffee has great contribution in keeping you happy. It removes your depression, bad feeling and gloominess. It is not the caffeine but antioxidants that help in this case.

    Are you going to suicide?

    One of the most interesting benefits of coffee is its role in reducing suicidal tendency. A study found that the regular consumption of coffee minimizes the tendency of suicide. So, if any of your friends attempts suicide, you should stop and get him some coffee, right? WRONG! Coffee is not a medicine. So, to get the benefits of coffee, you should consume it in a regular basis.

    Some negative sides of coffee

    Don’t forget that a particular thing has its good side and bad side as well. So, when you already know about the benefits of coffee, you need to be aware of its disadvantages also. Consuming too much coffee may give birth to an addiction. It can also form acidity. It sometimes hampers your sleep and creates stomach problems. So, consuming coffee is good, but make sure that you are not having it too much.

    If you are a hardworking person, then coffee is your energy-maker. But, don’t make too much love with coffee. Try to enjoy the benefits of coffee by having it in a limited way. That will save your money and keep you healthy as well.


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    No, he is not Rinku or Tinku. I called him Vinku and he loved his name very much. When I was a child, I used to have pet dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and what not. But, now I am grown up and study outside home. So, raring up a pet is almost impossible for me. Still, Vinku was my pet dog. You know, how?

    I study in Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Every year, when winter comes, a huge number of puppies are seen in our University campus. Wherever you go, you will see these little cute puppies roaming here and there with their mother. Some play and fight with each other. Again, some mothers have so many puppies that they get confused whom they should give their breast first. I adore those puppies and give cakes or biscuits every now and then. But, I never decided to have my pet dog among those.

    I was done with my classes. On the way, I saw a black little puppy is crying. I was seeking for his mother, but found none. I took him and discovered that his age would be at best 3-4 days. He was hungry and shivering. “O my little sweetheart! Where’s your mommy?” I asked him though I knew it was impossible to find a clue from him. You know, I love animals. And I cannot see the hardship of poor animals. So, I decided to take him with me, but not permanently. I am not going to make him my pet dog. After he grows up a little, I will let him find his own way.

    Vinku was a little sporty dog. I didn’t know what he thought about me. But, wherever I went, he used to accompany me, even in my campus. He used to drink coffee, watch television, listen to songs, dance with me, become jealous when I touch my toy dog, stare at me when I cooked and sleep when I went to sleep. My days and nights were all occupied by Vinku, my pet dog.

    When I shouted, “Vinku! Vinku!!”, the little black puppy used to come running to me: his long toungue came out as he became tired. He understood each and every word of mine. While having a bath, he didn’t make much noise. He realized that, all these were intended to keep him safe and cool. I never thought that Vinku would be my pet dog and I would love him that much.

    For 2-3 days, I was noticing that Vinku didn’t eat well. And also he didn’t come close. He liked to roam around here and there. I thought, he was grown up and wanted to manage his own living. I was a bit shocked, “How selfish he is!” But still, I made myself understand that he was not meant to be my pet dog and he should find his own way.

    One morning, my neighbor knocked me. She was suspecting that Vinku was sick and was lying in front of her house. I rushed to the spot. What I saw after going there, I couldn’t forget that, never! The tall grown up body that was lying dead, was none but my Vinku! I have reared him up and I know how it feels when you see your son’s dead body in front of your eyes. My neighbor said that she used to see Vinku vomiting here and there. I cannot express my feelings. That was the reason he kept himself far from me. He didn’t want to make my place dirty, you know.

    No, it was really not my intension to make him my pet dog. But, at the end of the day, he is someone more than my pet dog; someone whom I will never forget. Yes, I cried. I couldn’t sleep at night for months. I just couldn’t accept the fact that my pet dog Vinku is dead. Still, I can’t!


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    “I am who I am, take it or leave it,/ The rebel at heart,/ No Gods, no masters,/ My time has come……”

    My blood runs restless, I become drunk without alcohol, my head bangs automatically, I feel the death, discover Mephistopheles within me; I am the metal head, I worship Arch Enemy!

    This melodic death metal band was formed in 1996. The death metal boss Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva started the activities of the band. Arch Enemy has touched the heart of each and every metal lover with their black deadly hands. Their achievements include a live album, nine studio albums, three Eps and two DVDs. Excessive aggressions against superstitions, misjudgment and treachery is the main theme of their songs. Young people get inspiration from their songs.

    “Tear down the walls

    Wake up the world

    Ignorance is not bliss

    So fed up with second best

    Our time is here and now……..”

    The title of the above song “We will rise” best explains the intention. The people of the whole world have been suggested to break the walls and remove ignorance. This is the high time and all of us need to step forward and protest against the misdeeds. Fraud people are playing the same game. It’s not at all new to us. To face those hypocrites, we will be enemy, antidote and anything! Arch Enemy wants to reform the world and remove all misjudgments.

    Arch Enemy lovers are going to bang their heads again as in June 2014 their tenth album “War Eternal” is getting released. But, sad news is that, you will no more listen to Gossow as she has announced to depart from the band. Don’t worry! In place of Gossow, Alissa White-Gluz will be performing. But Gossow is not completely leaving the band, she will remain the business manager. She has praised White-Gulz a lot.

    Alissa White-Gulz is the then vocalist of The Agonist, an extreme metal band of Canada. She has expressed her excitement and thrill for joining Arch Enemy.

    Whenever I listen to Arch Enemy, my blood boils up. They give me the courage of protesting against dishonesty, misdeed and discrimination. So, to get the flavor of unlimited metal, listen to them.


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    Last week I wrote my article about the many reasons why my friends highly considered eBay as the best online store to shop with. Honestly, I don’t have my experience shopping with eBay yet. I just knew how eBay works, the opportunities you can find if you want to venture a store or shop for making money online and the likes. It’s entirely different when you experienced it yourself than just reading testimonials and surely you can really tell what it was like in a well-detailed manner.

    It’s not about my curiosity that driven me to try purchasing something in that phenomenal online shopping center but I was attracted with a doll. Perhaps the doll was meant for me because it was sold in fixed price; right after seeing the “buy now” button it directly leads to a certain page where I have to fill out something to process the payment.  Before that I have tried browsing on some items sold in auction and I can see the bidding activities were epic.  I won’t wonder why eBay has been considered as the largest online shopping center and the best site in making money online through business because it has a wide array of all the things you want to shop with. From books to olives, stereos, motorcycle and parts, cars, airplanes, snow boots, etc, all for sale. Who knows one day eBay might sell human internal parts, blood or maybe even your ideal virtual date – which simply means opportunities are unlimited. The idea of how it works had struck me why not try eBay for another kind of money making online?

    I got few ideas about it from researching but I’m into learning it more. Also reading articles written by eBay experts most especially the one written by Scott Henshaw in this site of course because he is one of the best – and definitely I can learned big.  Really interesting and one question that I somehow find it hard to answer – what if I try eBay, can I make it work? Making money online is just something that I enjoyed doing in a way that I really appreciate how technologies make the world smaller and within our reach. Aside from that I have been reading different testimonials of people across the globe about how effective money making online based from their experiences not only in eBay but also in e-commerce, networking, online marketing, SEO and many more. Some expressed words of successes and others have shared failures too. Indeed, not everything you ventured will end up the way you want it to be but the thing is you can always try.

    eBay is one of most  ideal tools in making money online for beginners. There are lots of video tutorials that you can watch regarding how it works, what the things you need to know and how to optimize it as well. Always remember that everybody starts from their little resources too and with lots of efforts, learning and techniques they make it big. Just wanted to share, that trying is an option to make a change and there are lots of online tools that you can fetch out there for free.  Before ending this article, I hope I have encourage you guys, I wrote this because I was inspired and was incredibly amazed after reading the stories of successful eBay sellers and marketers. They’re the real genius.

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