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Weathered Painted Sign with your logo or brand $15
My first motorcycle back in 1995
Building a series of slides - hang tight and I shall deliver awesome

“I decided to fly through the air

and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could. - Evel Knievel”

About Me

My life as I know it

My Family

Nanette and Renato

My wife, Nanette and I live in beautiful Seattle, Washington and also have a home in Kabankalan City Philippines. Each day brings joy and wonder as we raise our eight year old son, Renato. We have a nice house cat named Cutlet, enjoy the outdoors and love to travel both locally and abroad. As of late, we have been enjoying third grade basketball and look forward to flag football this spring.

My Work

eBay and PayPal

I began as a volunteer in the PayPal Ambassador program and in 2012 a part of eBay's Social Media Pilot. In 2014 I worked at PayPal and transferred to eBay in January of 2015 where I currently work with an amazing team focused on bringing digital to the platform. My primary responsibilities are to manage and grow our storefront with a focus on value proposition and delivering world class buyer experiences.



There are sure a lot of cool and hip thing in life. I have been an avid motorcycle enthusiast for most of my adult life and even more so since 2005 when I purchase my first Harley Davidson. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to ride and never void of long roads to travel and spacious skies to view. When not on two wheels, I also enjoy flying to new cities as well as local camping, hiking and family vacations.

Side Projects

Graphics and Couching

Since 1998 I have been marketing online, mainly on eBay and have created and managed several accounts from Gold to Titanium Powerseller levels. My wife and I manage a small family eBay business and I also very much enjoy growing and working with others to better their ecommerce experience both as buyer and sellers. I also enjoy providing small digital graphic services such as logo design and banner layout as well as personal coaching.

My Blog

My Blog
  • Welcome back to

    Thanks so much for coming back and if this is your first time here then thank you for dropping by.   This site is a mix of both my personal and professional life and as you can tell by the lack of content either I have very little of either or I am making a fundamental change. Truth be told, it is the latter.

    Recently, I decided to delete my entire site and rebuild from the ground up as much of the data was from long ago and the theme had become quite outdated.  Here I am with the same general look and feel as before but with a much stronger focus on simplicity and structured content. (more…)


A 1000 mile journey begins with a single step
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