“I decided to fly through the air

and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could. - Evel Knievel”

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Lunacy penned during the late night hours
  • 2016 Tulip Ride

    Nanette and I had a super fun day today at the 2016 Tulip ride and helping support a good cause, the Seattle Humane society. Always cool to share the road with family, friends and celebrities. This year Katie Sackhoff and Tricia Helfner from BattleStar Galactica returned and Karl Urban, “Bones” from Star Trek  also rode with the pack. The weather was great and tulip fields as amazing as always. www.tulipride.org


  • Delicious Italian Sausage

    Delicious Italian Sausage

    There is no doubt some look back in life and reflect upon their first jobs as being anything but rewarding. I remember a few of my high school comrades working in seafood kitchens. Hanging out together after their shifts, I still remember them smelling of spoiled fish and the liquid that seeps from dumpsters. Others worked in fast food, and though joy was always found with employee discounts, oftentimes navigating their way to me where I ate everything from tacos to Philly cheesesteaks for cheap or free. Later, when I became the guy with the first car, I pulled a lot of favors. (more…)

  • How to trick an abusive eBay buyer

    Recently, I found myself immersed in a Facebook thread. An eBay seller asking for advice on a situation with a buyer. It was a simple question wanting to hear from other sellers on how to precede with someone who was upset over a shipment they had not received on time. To be fair, it was really about a buyer who was leaving for vacation the next day and did not have the product they wanted for their trip. There was no fault of the seller from what I could tell.

    My advice was simply to do something magnificent.

    I believe in the 80/20 rule on eBay and with most things in life. 80 percent of eBay sellers have difficulty understanding the difference between buyer experience and customer service. Just as 80 percent of sales go through without any issue. I would probably say it is closer to 90-95 percent, but many factors exist that can obfuscate the results. Things such as type of item, category, new versus used, etc. (more…)

  • Omaha or bust

    Omaha or bust.

    Flying into Omaha consisted mainly of three hours of viewing some of the most tasteless terrain that I have ever experienced. And to make things even less stellar upon landing was the lack of any sort of mountains.   Flights along the west coast, which were many this year, contained scenes of  water, mountains and constant changes in landscape that told a story of which state the plane was over.  This trip seemed like the ground below was either brown or some varying shade of dirt.  The only joy being the shapes that farmer made in their crop arrangements. Sometimes taking on alien form.  (more…)

  • You have a brand. Be good to it

    You have a brand. Be good to it

    Just as you have character, life and breath and the ability to love,  laugh or dance the limbo – so holds true that have a brand. It may not be a well polished or a focused brand, monitored and measured nor even intentional. Chances are that you are not a celebrity, politician or incorporate your brand into your day-to-day function. Perhaps you are one who is simply not concerned with the appearance of a brand? But within you there is one for certain.  It shadows you. (more…)

About Me

My life as I know it

My Photos

My visual journey

This past year I started using my iPhone and digital camera for more personal photography. In part because the core of my job role in 2015 was based on digital products and I started to miss the old time photo setups for product based eBay listings. This combined with a desire to take more family photos as my son started playing football, led me to take more pictures and share them via social media and here as well. Although I am still in the learning phase with the manual mode on my camera I do hope some of my work is worthy of an extra glance.


Trips planned for 2016

30,000 miles and 11 years later, I own the same motorcycle that I purchased back in 2005. Although there are a few dents and scrapes she still runs as good as new and ready for some long road trips in 2016. It is my goal this year to incorporate my passion for riding with photography and video and capture some of the sites and sounds of where the road leads me. Of course, always happy to share the road so if you are in the Pacific NW or beyond lets share the asphalt and a cup of coffee.

My Home

Family & Friends

My family and I live in the greater Puget Sound area of Washington State. Not too far from Seattle and within driving distance of beautiful Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Indeed a wonderful area to live, explore and spend quality time with our friends in the area. For work I travel often and always enjoy visiting new places and experience the culture and people of other cities. I am generally in San Jose, CA once a month which often times feels like my second home. The whole Bay Area is a brilliant place filled with amazing people.


My Blog and....

This past year went by incredibly fast and my core focus was building something great for digital marketplaces on eBay. Closing out the year has left me with a tremendous amount of knowledge and interaction with thousands of eBay users both on corporate and seller levels. Moving forward I wish to share some of my experiences with the community with an effort to help other sellers improve the quality of their footprint on the site and better their business. In that effort I will be writing more blog posts here.


A 1000 mile journey begins with a single step
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